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Historic Kansas City School to be Transformed into Mixed-Use Development

LocalCode Kansas City and Mercier Street LLC are joining forces to transform the vacant Sanford B. Ladd School in Kansas City’s historic Oak Park neighborhood into a thriving mixed-use, mixed-income project. The $27.2 million redevelopment plan includes renovating the former school and constructing new buildings on its grounds, creating up to 75 apartments with a mix of affordable and market-rate units.

A Symbol of Disinvestment Reimagined

Having been closed since 2010, the Sanford B. Ladd School at 3640 Benton Blvd. has become a symbol of disinvestment in the area. However, the partnership between LocalCode Kansas City and Mercier Street LLC aims to change that by transforming the site into a vibrant community hub. The development team purchased the 3.6-acre property from Kansas City Public Schools in March 2022, and the City Plan Commission is set to review their plans and rezoning request on December 19.

Renovating the Ladd School and Constructing New Townhomes

The redevelopment proposal encompasses both the renovation of the Ladd School, which dates back to 1912, and new construction on its grounds just north of the site. The plan includes as many as 75 apartments, with 25 to 27 units located in the former school’s upper two floors. Additionally, 36 to 48 units will be housed in a quartet of Kansas City Colonnade-style walk-up townhomes built along Benton Boulevard.

Affordable Housing Opportunities

Of the total number of units, 10% will be set aside for renters earning up to 50% of the area’s median family income (MFI), with 20% reserved for those making up to 70% MFI. This initiative ensures that a portion of the new development will be accessible to lower-income households, promoting a diverse and inclusive community in the Oak Park neighborhood.

Investing in Kansas City’s Future

This mixed-use, mixed-income project signifies a significant investment in Kansas City’s future, breathing new life into a long-vacant property and offering affordable housing options for residents. As the City Plan Commission reviews the proposal, the community eagerly awaits the potential revitalization of the historic Oak Park neighborhood.

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