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Tragic Incident in Upscale Pune Housing Society

A tragic incident occurred in an upscale residential society in Wanowrie, Pune, where a woman allegedly killed her 36-year-old husband, a realtor, following a heated argument. The police have detained the wife, Renuka Nikhil Khanna (36), and an investigation is underway.

Details of the Incident

The couple, Nikhil Khanna and Renuka Nikhil Khanna, resided in a flat on the eighth floor of the A-5 block of Ganga Satellite. According to the police, the couple did not share a cordial relationship and often had quarrels. Neighbors claim that the couple used to have frequent fights.

Previous Disagreements and Possible Motive

Police officials confirmed that Renuka wanted to celebrate her birthday in Dubai on September 18, but her husband declined to fulfill her demand. Nikhil did not present his wife with any gift on their marriage anniversary, which falls on November 11. The realtor also avoided discussing her plans to visit Delhi in the first week of December to celebrate a relative’s birthday. The couple had fallen in love and married six years ago.

Renuka’s confession to the police suggests that the couple may have had an argument over these issues on Friday, and she could have hit her husband on the head with a heavy object, causing him to fall unconscious. The police are still searching for the object used in the attack.

Aftermath and Ongoing Investigation

Following the incident, Renuka alerted her husband’s father, Dr. Pushkaraj Khanna, who rushed to their house and attempted to revive Nikhil by giving cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The Wanowrie police have filed a case under Sections 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The autopsy report, which will reveal the cause of death, is still pending. As the investigation continues, the community is left in shock by this tragic incident.

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