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Potential Development Plans for Country Club Plaza Tennis Center

Kansas City leaders have been considering the Plaza Tennis Center at 4747 Mill Creek Parkway as a potential site for new residential development. The city-owned property has been a subject of discussion for over a year, with no concrete plans emerging yet. However, officials have received development ideas and remain “very interested” in proposals.

History of the Plaza Tennis Center

The Plaza Tennis Center has been a fixture in the Country Club Plaza since 1928, just five years after the historic shopping center opened. The 14-court tennis complex has been a popular spot for local residents and visitors alike.

Relocating the Tennis Courts

Mayor Quinton Lucas and City Manager Brian Platt have floated the idea of relocating the courts to a nearby rooftop, freeing up the current site for a mixed-use project. In September 2022, Platt’s office invited more than a dozen people, including officials from the city’s Planning & Development and Parks & Recreation departments, to a meeting discussing the potential redevelopment of the Plaza Tennis Center.

Benefits of Development

According to Platt, there are numerous benefits to developing the Plaza Tennis Center site. “There’s a lot of benefit there to more density, some more amenities, and to doing more with a higher and better use for that site,” he said. However, no formal plans have emerged, and the city is still waiting for concrete proposals.

Future of the Country Club Plaza Tennis Center

While the future of the Plaza Tennis Center remains uncertain, the potential for new residential development in the area could bring additional amenities and density to the Country Club Plaza. As Kansas City continues to grow and evolve, the city’s leaders are looking for ways to make the most of its available space and resources.

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