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Luxury and Sustainable Real Estate Shine at ET Conclave Awards 2024

Luxury & Sustainable Real Estate in India: Highlights from the Economic Times Real Estate Conclave & Awards 2024

The Economic Times Real Estate Conclave & Awards 2024 recently took place in Mumbai, bringing together top real estate stakeholders to discuss the most pressing issues in the Indian real estate sector. The main focus of the event was on luxury real estate and sustainable construction, highlighting the growing importance of these areas in the industry.

Government Initiatives and Policies

One of the key topics discussed at the event was the role of government initiatives and policies in promoting luxury real estate and sustainable construction. The panelists highlighted various programs and measures undertaken by the Indian government to boost the sector, such as tax incentives and subsidies for sustainable projects. This has helped drive the growth of luxury real estate, while also making sustainable construction more accessible to developers.

Financing and Environmental Issues

Financing and environmental issues were also at the forefront of discussions at the conclave. Experts shared their views on the challenges faced by the real estate industry in securing financing for luxury and sustainable projects. They also discussed the importance of finding solutions to environmental issues, such as reducing carbon emissions and promoting green building practices, in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry.

Comparing Luxury Real Estate in India and Abroad

The conclave provided an opportunity for participants to compare the luxury real estate market in India with that of other countries. The panelists highlighted the differences in terms of design, amenities, and pricing, while also discussing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the Indian luxury real estate market.


The Economic Times Real Estate Conclave & Awards 2024 provided valuable insights into the current state of the Indian real estate sector, with a particular focus on luxury and sustainable real estate. The event served as a platform for industry stakeholders to share their views on pressing issues and collaborate on finding solutions to the challenges faced by the sector. As luxury real estate and sustainable construction continue to grow in importance, it is crucial for the industry to adapt and innovate in order to meet the changing demands of the market.