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Kansas City Royals

Royals’ New Stadium Site: Impact on KC’s Power & Light District and South Loop Link

The Kansas City Royals have recently revealed their preferred downtown stadium site, which differs from their previously announced finalists. This new plan will require a reevaluation of the stadium’s economic impact on the surrounding areas, specifically the development of the Power & Light District and the South Loop Link. In this article, we will discuss how to track these potential economic consequences and what they may mean for the future of Kansas City.

Power & Light District

The Power & Light District is a vibrant, mixed-use area in downtown Kansas City, featuring entertainment venues, restaurants, bars, and retail shops. The district has seen significant growth and revitalization in recent years, attracting both tourists and locals alike. The Royals’ new stadium site will likely have a considerable impact on this area, bringing even more visitors and revenue to the district. To track the economic impact on the Power & Light District, we can look at several factors, including:

  • Increased foot traffic and patronage at existing businesses
  • New business openings and job creation
  • Property values and real estate development
  • Tax revenue generated from sales, property, and other sources

By monitoring these factors, we can gain a better understanding of how the new stadium site will influence the continued growth and success of the Power & Light District.

South Loop Link

The South Loop Link is a proposed transportation project that aims to connect downtown Kansas City with the southern part of the city, providing a more efficient and accessible transit option for residents and visitors. The new stadium site’s proximity to this planned development could have a significant impact on the project’s success and the overall economic growth of the surrounding areas. To track the economic impact on the South Loop Link, we can consider the following:

  • Ridership numbers and revenue generated from fares
  • Increased property values and development along the transit corridor
  • Job creation and business growth in the surrounding areas
  • Improved accessibility and connectivity for residents and visitors

By keeping an eye on these factors, we can better understand the potential economic benefits and challenges that the new stadium site may bring to the South Loop Link project and the surrounding communities.


The Kansas City Royals’ new downtown stadium site presents a unique opportunity for the city to further revitalize and grow its downtown core. However, it is essential to carefully track and assess the economic impacts of this decision on the Power & Light District and the South Loop Link to ensure that these areas continue to thrive and benefit from the stadium’s presence. By considering factors such as foot traffic, business growth, property values, and transportation connectivity, we can gain valuable insights into the potential consequences of the Royals’ stadium decision and help shape a prosperous future for Kansas City.