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Galleria Overland Park: Exciting New Retail Space on the Horizon

Block Real Estate Requests Bonds for Galleria Retail Project

Block Real Estate is looking to secure funding for a new retail building at the Galleria mixed-use development in Overland Park. Located at 115th Street and Nall Avenue, this new project aims to bring more businesses and excitement to the area.

Galleria Mixed-Use Development: A Thriving Hub in Overland Park

The Galleria mixed-use development is a prime location in Overland Park, offering a variety of retail, office, and residential spaces. The site has been under development for years and has seen continuous growth and investment, making it a highly desirable location for businesses and residents alike. With the addition of this new retail building, the Galleria campus will continue to thrive and attract even more interest.

Financing the Retail Project: Bonds Requested

To finance the construction of the new retail building, Block Real Estate has requested bonds from the city of Overland Park. These bonds, if approved, will provide the necessary funding to bring the project to fruition. This retail building will not only create new job opportunities but also enhance the overall appeal of the Galleria mixed-use development, drawing in more visitors and businesses to the area.

Exciting Opportunities for Businesses and Residents

With the addition of this new retail building, the Galleria mixed-use development will offer even more options for businesses looking to set up shop in Overland Park. This prime location offers excellent visibility, easy access to major roads, and a variety of amenities for both businesses and residents. The retail building will further enhance the Galleria campus’s reputation as a thriving hub of commerce and community.

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