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New Jersey Realtors Awards: Judith Moriarty and Bruno Mele Honored as 2023 Realtor and Realtor-Associate of the Year

New Jersey Realtors has announced Judith Moriarty of Trenton as the 2023 Realtor of the Year and Bruno Mele of Lyndhurst as the 2023 Realtor-Associate of the Year. The annual awards ceremony took place at the Triple Play Realtor Convention & Trade Expo.

Recognizing Excellence in the Industry

Judith Moriarty and Bruno Mele were chosen from a pool of local board and association Realtors and Realtor-Associates of the Year. The prestigious awards highlight the dedication and expertise of the honorees, who represent the best of the best among more than 62,000 Realtors in New Jersey.

Judith Moriarty: 2023 New Jersey Realtors Realtor of the Year

Judith Moriarty’s commitment to professional excellence is demonstrated by her certifications as a Professional Standards Administrator and her completion of ombudsman and mediator training through the National Association of Realtors and Northwestern University Law School.

As the 2023 President of the CORE Association of Realtors and an NAR Director, Moriarty is actively involved in various local Realtor association committees, including Pro Standards, Grievance, Manager’s Council, and Bylaws. On the state Realtor association level, she served as the 2022 Chair of the Professional Standards Committee and on New Jersey Realtors Board of Directors. Moriarty also contributes to NAR committees on a national level, currently serving on the MLS Issues and Policies Committee.

Outside of her professional life, Moriarty volunteers at the Rustin Center for Social Justice and has contributed to local library rescue initiatives. She has also served as Treasurer at the Trenton City Museum and as President of the Princeton Chapter of Mothers & More, as well as a director on their national board.

Bruno Mele: 2023 New Jersey Realtors Realtor-Associate of the Year

Since joining the Liberty Board of Realtors in 2016, Bruno Mele has actively supported various board events, including the annual golf outing, Salvation Army Pie and Toy Drive, and fundraisers for the St. Joseph School for the Blind.

In addition to his involvement with the board, Mele is an active member of the JDJ Charitable Foundation, which donates to cancer research and provides financial support to families facing cancer challenges. The foundation also offers wheelchairs to children with physical limitations. Mele actively raises funds for the foundation, participating in events such as the NYC Marathon to secure donations for the cause.

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Judith Moriarty and Bruno Mele’s recognition as the 2023 Realtor and Realtor-Associate of the Year showcases their dedication to their clients, expertise in the field, and commitment to making a positive impact in their communities. The awards serve as an inspiration to other Realtors and Realtor-Associates in New Jersey and beyond.

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