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Fast Facts with Luxury Miami Beach Realtor Jessica Segatto

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Jessica Segatto moved to Miami over 30 years ago and has witnessed the city’s growth and evolution firsthand. This experience sparked her interest in real estate and development, and she has since become a top producer and broker affiliate of Fortune Christie’s International Realty. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, Jessica has worked directly with developers and new construction, giving her a unique perspective on the market.

Why Jessica Chose Real Estate

Jessica has lived in Miami for 30 years, witnessing the city’s growth and evolution from the very beginning. This experience inspired her interest in real estate, construction, and architecture.

Jessica’s Journey in Real Estate

Jessica began her career 12 years ago, diving deep into pre-construction and working directly with developers. This experience provided her with extensive knowledge about the real estate business, construction, architecture, developers, and designers. Miami’s multicultural nature allowed her to work with and learn about different cultures and languages, giving her a great background for understanding and communicating with various clients.

Jessica’s Biggest Success Story

Jessica cites her work on the 57 Ocean pre-construction project as one of her most significant accomplishments. This intense and corporate work presented a considerable challenge, but she rose to the occasion.

What Makes the Miami Beach Market Unique

Miami Beach’s unique qualities speak for themselves. The city offers a luxurious lifestyle, beautiful ocean views, refreshing breezes, and ultra-luxury real estate. It attracts famous and wealthy individuals and is known for its art and culinary scenes. The city has also seen a variety of amazing restaurants opening all around, adding to its allure.

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Jessica Segatto is an exclusive agent representing the Miami Beach, FL, real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of her listings here.

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