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Green Bay and Kansas City Mayors Meet to Discuss 2025 NFL Draft Preparations

Green Bay Mayor Genrich recently hosted Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and his team to discuss preparations for the 2025 NFL Draft. The meeting took place during the Packers’ game against the Chiefs and focused on sharing experiences and advice from Kansas City’s hosting of the 2023 Draft.

Positive Experiences and Collaborative Efforts

Mayor Lucas described the 2023 Draft as a positive experience overall, with security discussions and fan festival ideas being some of the main topics covered. He emphasized the importance of working collaboratively to ensure a successful event. Mayor Genrich was advised to focus not only on the Draft itself but also on the long-term effects of hosting such a large-scale event.

Economic Impact of Hosting the NFL Draft

Mayor Lucas highlighted the economic impact that comes with hosting the NFL Draft, stating that it’s not a one-off event. The Draft can bring numerous benefits to the region, allowing people to witness the excitement of Green Bay Packers football and experience the dynamic community, outstanding business environment, and various reasons to visit the area.

Green Bay’s Preparedness and Key Takeaways

Both mayors agreed that the work begins as soon as a city is awarded the Draft. Mayor Genrich believes that Green Bay is well-prepared for the event, with a key takeaway from the meeting being the importance of communication between city partners and surrounding areas. He said, “You know the eyes of the world to some extent are going to be on this community, not just for a day or two but really for a week, and so we need to be really well-aligned between Discover Green Bay, the city of Green Bay, and counties across the state of Wisconsin to recognize and be well prepared for this opportunity.”

Mayor Lucas expressed confidence in Green Bay’s readiness for the 2025 Draft, saying, “I think having meetings like this now shows that Green Bay will be more than ready by the time it comes around, but this is the sort of thing that you’re building up bit by bit from the moment you’re awarded. But when it all works together, you really get to see your community at its best.” He also mentioned that he is looking forward to the success of the 2025 Draft and is a fan of the Green Bay Draft.

As the preparations for the 2025 NFL Draft continue, both cities can learn from each other’s experiences and work together to ensure a successful event that showcases the best of their communities. With collaboration and communication at the forefront, Green Bay is set to make a lasting impression as the host city for this prestigious event.

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