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Predictions for 2024 Housing Market: Greater Nashville Realtors President’s Insights

Kevin Wilson, the incoming president of Greater Nashville Realtors, has shared his predictions for the 2024 housing market. He believes that the upcoming year could see a slight drop in interest rates, which could serve as the “tipping point” for releasing pent-up demand into the market. To learn more about his predictions, read the article from Nashville Business Journal.

Interest Rates and Demand

Wilson anticipates that a potential decrease in interest rates in 2024 could lead to an increase in demand for housing. Lower interest rates make it more affordable for buyers to secure mortgages, which could result in more people entering the market. This surge in demand could have a significant impact on the housing market, leading to more sales and potentially higher prices.

Inventory Levels

Another critical factor in the 2024 housing market will be inventory levels. As demand increases, the need for available homes will also rise. If inventory levels remain low, this could result in increased competition among buyers, leading to bidding wars and escalating home prices. However, if inventory levels rise in response to increased demand, the market could become more balanced and stable.

Local Market Trends

While national trends can provide valuable insights, it is essential to consider local market trends when making predictions for the 2024 housing market. In the Greater Nashville area, factors such as population growth, job opportunities, and infrastructure development could influence housing demand and inventory levels. Wilson’s predictions take these local factors into account, making them particularly relevant for the Greater Nashville area.


As the incoming president of Greater Nashville Realtors, Kevin Wilson’s predictions for the 2024 housing market provide valuable insights for both buyers and sellers. By considering factors such as interest rates, demand, and inventory levels, those involved in the real estate market can make informed decisions and better prepare for the upcoming year. Stay informed on the latest housing market trends by following news and expert predictions like those from Wilson.

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