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Realtor Nikhil Khanna’s Tragic Death: Wife Renuka Uncooperative in Interrogation

Police investigating the death of 36-year-old realtor Nikhil Khanna in Pune have reported that his wife, Renuka Jakhar Khanna (38), has been uncooperative in her interrogation. Renuka is accused of assaulting Nikhil, leading to a nasal fracture and bleeding that ultimately caused his death.

Challenges in Interrogation and Investigation

Senior Inspector Sanjay Patange stated that Renuka has not been forthcoming in her interrogation. The police plan to question family members and relatives of both the deceased and the accused to gain insight into their relationship and other aspects related to the case.

Nikhil died on Friday afternoon at their family residence in Ganga Satellite Society in Wanwadi, allegedly after Renuka hit him on the face. Preliminary autopsy findings indicate that Nikhil suffered blunt trauma to the head.

Steps in the Investigation

Assistant Commissioner of Police Shahurao Salve explained that, as part of the investigation, statements will be recorded from the complainant, the accused, and all connected persons. Based on the investigation, a chargesheet will be filed subsequently.

Wanwadi police arrested Renuka after Nikhil’s father, Dr. Pushpraj Khanna, filed a complaint against his daughter-in-law. She was produced before a judicial magistrate on Saturday and is currently in custodial remand until Tuesday.

Background of Nikhil and Renuka’s Relationship

According to Dr. Khanna’s police complaint, Nikhil and Renuka began quarreling shortly after their marriage in November 2017. He claimed that Renuka had behavioral issues and that her stubbornness and whimsical nature caused distress for the family. She also frequently fought with their househelps, making it difficult to retain people to work in their home.

On the day of the incident, Renuka called Dr. Khanna and requested that he come home immediately due to a fight between her and Nikhil. Upon arriving, Dr. Khanna found Nikhil unconscious in the couple’s bedroom, with blood coming from his nose and mouth. Nikhil was declared dead after being taken to the hospital.

As the investigation continues, authorities will be seeking more information from the couple’s relatives and friends to better understand their relationship and the events leading up to Nikhil’s tragic death. The real estate community mourns the loss of a fellow professional and awaits the outcome of this ongoing investigation.

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