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It’s a big day to find all of the deals at one, two, or even ten stores, but local businesses are everywhere in the metro

Black Friday Shopping in Kansas City: Supporting Local Businesses

As Black Friday sales begin, shoppers in Kansas City are eager to find the best deals at their favorite stores. However, many are also focused on supporting local businesses to help keep money in the community.

Local Business Sales and Promotions

Several local businesses are offering enticing deals to attract customers. For instance, Charlie Hustle on Broadway Boulevard at the Country Club Plaza is offering 30% off everything, while Made in KC is giving a $25 gift card after spending $100.

Supporting Local Economy

Kari Lindner, General Manager at Made in KC Marketplace, emphasizes the importance of supporting local businesses. “You’re literally keeping all of your money here in town,” she said. This sentiment is echoed by Ryan Fortney, Sales Manager at Charlie Hustle, who added, “We’re printing locally, we’re designing locally, we’re running the business locally, so this is something that really goes back into the Kansas City community.”

Online Shopping Boosts Local Sales

Many of the sales this year are expected to come from online orders, as people from other states show interest in local Kansas City merchandise. Fortney anticipates seeing thousands of orders between now and Cyber Monday, reflecting a significant boost for local businesses.

Local Artists and Makers Benefit

Supporting local businesses also helps local artists and makers showcase their products. Lindner explained, “We have about 250 local artists and makers that are sold in this store, from people that just do one or two items to people that have entire booths in the building.”

Black Friday Shopping Tradition Continues

Despite changes in shopping habits and the rise of online sales, Black Friday shopping remains a tradition for many in Kansas City and across the nation. As customers continue to seek out deals and support local businesses, the community benefits from the influx of funds and the promotion of local talent.

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