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Kansas City Mom Invents Luggage That Doubles as a Neck Pillow

Amber Waldeier, a Kansas City mom, has found an innovative solution to avoid extra airline baggage fees while also providing comfort during flights. She created the Zipplicity bag, a fabric sleeve suitcase that doubles as a neck pillow, making it a practical and convenient travel accessory.

Introducing the Zipplicity Bag

The Zipplicity bag is designed to hold up to five pounds, making it perfect for a short vacation. Amber said she has packed three pairs of leggings, five shirts, and six socks into the bag for a five-day trip. The main goal behind the invention was to cut costs on luggage at the airport, as passengers can now carry a neck pillow instead of checking a bag.

Inspiration Behind the Invention

Amber came up with the idea in 2019 when her family went on a trip to celebrate her recovery from a bladder disease and hip issues. She wanted to save money on baggage fees and instead spend it on creating memories and having fun. This led her to design the Zipplicity bag, which has now become a successful business venture.

Zipplicity’s Success and Growth

Amber started Zipplicity four years ago and received a patent for her invention in 2022. Since then, the company has made $90,000 in sales, with each bag costing around $50. The bags have been shipped to various countries, including Australia and Germany, and have received significant support from the Kansas City community.

Amber’s goal for her company is to help others grow, as all the goods are sewn in micro-factories across the Kansas City area. She has partnered with Laura Treas, the founder of Fashion Tech Kansas City, who serves as both her manufacturer and mentor. Treas praised the ingenuity of the Zipplicity bag and shared her advice for small business owners, emphasizing the importance of passion and commitment.

Teaching Kids to Think Outside the Box

As a mother of two, Amber is proud that her journey as an entrepreneur has taught her children to think outside the box and look for solutions to everyday problems. She is not stopping at just one Zipplicity bag style, as she has designed a trinket bag and plans to release a camo bag and more prints next year.

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