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Charlotte and Raleigh Eye Major League Baseball Expansion Opportunity

With the recent approval of the Oakland A’s franchise move to Las Vegas, the gates have opened for Major League Baseball (MLB) expansion, and North Carolina cities Charlotte and Raleigh are eager to throw their pitch for a team. However, securing a team won’t come cheap—the expansion fee is set at $2 billion, which would provide each of the existing 30 MLB teams with approximately $133 million.

MLB Expansion on the Horizon

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and baseball officials have stated in recent years that no expansion would occur until stadium issues involving the A’s and Tampa Bay Rays were resolved. However, with the A’s move to Las Vegas approved, the prospect of moving to 32 teams seems likely in the near future.

Potential Expansion Cities

Charlotte, Raleigh, and Nashville, Tennessee, are among the shortlisted cities for potential expansion in the East. The West features Portland and Salt Lake City, while Montreal—once home to the Expos franchise, now the Washington Nationals—is another contender. Additionally, an expansion franchise could go to Oakland, pending ownership, a new stadium, and financing. Other interested parties may include San Antonio, Orlando, New Orleans, and Mexico City.

North Carolina’s Sports History

North Carolina was without a team from any of the four major professional sports leagues until 1988 when the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets began play. The NFL’s Carolina Panthers started in 1995, and the NHL’s Hartford Whalers relocated to Raleigh, becoming the Carolina Hurricanes in 1997. However, baseball has remained elusive for the state.

The Road Ahead

With the expansion fee set at a staggering $2 billion, the road to securing a Major League Baseball team for Charlotte or Raleigh will not be an easy one. However, the prospect of expansion and the potential economic benefits it could bring to the cities make it an opportunity worth exploring.

For more information on the potential MLB expansion and the cities vying for a team, visit New Bern Sun Journal.

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