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Realtor Uses Eye-Catching Billboards to Sell $2.9M Edina Home

Realtor Sara Melby Thomas has teamed up with Agnt CEO Jay Louricas to create a unique and eye-catching marketing campaign for a $2.9 million Edina home. The campaign features “fun” billboards designed to attract potential buyers and showcase the property’s standout features.

Innovative Marketing Approach

Recognizing the competitive nature of the real estate market, Sara Melby Thomas and Jay Louricas sought to differentiate their approach by utilizing billboards as a marketing tool. The billboards display images of the luxurious Edina home, highlighting its architectural features, elegant design, and modern amenities. This innovative strategy aims to capture the attention of potential buyers and pique their interest in the property.

Collaboration with Agnt Media

Agnt Media, led by CEO Jay Louricas, specializes in creating eye-catching advertisements and marketing campaigns for a variety of industries. Their collaboration with Realtor Sara Melby Thomas demonstrates the company’s ability to adapt their expertise to the real estate market and develop creative marketing solutions that stand out from the competition.

The Power of Creative Marketing in Real Estate

As the real estate market becomes increasingly competitive, it is essential for professionals to employ innovative marketing techniques to attract buyers and showcase their properties. Creative approaches like the use of eye-catching billboards can help to differentiate a property and generate interest among potential buyers, ultimately leading to a successful sale.

Realtors and marketing professionals looking to create impactful campaigns should consider exploring unconventional methods and channels, such as billboards, to reach their target audience and make a lasting impression.

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