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Kansas City Health Care Group Honors Dozens of Veterans

Optum Health, a metro health care group in Kansas City, recently paused to honor dozens of veterans in a special event. Dr. Lee Norman, an Air Force veteran, joined 55 Kansas City-area veterans for a day of remembrance at the National WWI Museum and Memorial.

Year-Round Appreciation for Veterans

While the country observed Veterans Day over the weekend, Dr. Norman believes that veterans should be honored year-round, just as they served the country. “Our nation’s veterans put the safety of our country above their own. And in many cases, they made the ultimate sacrifice,” Norman said. “Along with everyone at Optum, I’m proud to spend this day in their company.”

A Day of Remembrance and Sharing

The group began their day by watching a video on the history of the museum before touring the building. The event concluded with lunch and an opportunity for the veterans to share stories about their experiences during their time in service.

Optum Health Services for Veterans and Kansas City Residents

Optum Health serves veterans with a variety of health care options, which are also open to all adults in the Kansas City area. The company has a network of providers, urgent care centers, and specialists trained to treat and prevent various diseases and conditions.

Additional services offered by Optum Health include the Wellness on Wheels mobile medical fleet, three recently opened Community Centers, and case management services. To learn more about the health care services provided by Optum Health, visit their website.

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