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Realtor Exposes Outrageous Rental Listing: Tenant Must Share Bed with Landlord

In a bizarre turn of events, a Toronto realtor has gone viral for exposing a woman’s rental listing that requires the tenant to share a bed with her for a staggering $900 per month. This shocking revelation has left many people in disbelief, as rent prices continue to soar in big cities like Toronto, where nearly 3 million people reside.

The Viral Video and Rental Listing

In a viral TikTok video, realtor Anya Ettinger unveiled a woman’s Facebook marketplace listing that outlined some rather audacious conditions for prospective renters. The shared bedroom listing specifies that the tenant must sleep in the same queen-sized bed as the landlord, a stipulation that has infuriated Ettinger and left her feeling “unhinged.”

According to the rental listing, which includes utilities and amenities, the landlord sought an “easygoing female” to share the master bedroom and the single queen-sized bed. The landlord claimed that she had previously shared the bed with another individual she had found on Facebook, and the arrangement had been successful.

Public Outrage and Concern

Ettinger expressed her dismay in the video, stating, “Just when you thought the Toronto rental market couldn’t get any worse, it did. $900 a month to share, not even a king where you could comfortably put a pillow barrier, a queen-sized bed with someone who is not your partner!” She went on to question the practicality of the arrangement and why the landlord had not opted for two twin beds instead of a shared queen.

Many viewers shared Ettinger’s disbelief, with some wondering if the arrangement was even legal, while others hoped the listing was simply a joke. This is not the first time a rental situation has made headlines; earlier this week, a TikToker tearfully shared her landlord’s plan to sell her home to an Airbnb host on short notice.

What Does This Mean for the Rental Market?

As rent prices continue to skyrocket in major cities, many people are resorting to unconventional methods to afford housing. While this particular rental listing may be an extreme example, it highlights the desperate measures some individuals are willing to take to secure a place to live.

With rental prices showing no signs of slowing down, it is crucial for governments and housing authorities to address the issue and implement policies that ensure affordable and safe housing for all residents.

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