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Uncertainty Surrounds the Mission Gateway Project in Kansas City

For nearly 17 years, the Mission Gateway project has been in planning stages, aiming to redevelop the former Mission Mall property in Kansas City. However, the project’s future remains uncertain due to ongoing litigation and tax claims.

City Officials Await Resolution

City officials, including Mayor Sollie Flora, have little choice but to wait for the legal proceedings to unfold. Flora stated that the city is “monitoring the situation, but the litigation has to play out.” In the meantime, the city has been careful to protect its interests in the redevelopment agreement process.

Financial Support and Incentives

Developers were initially promised up to $22.5 million in special obligation bonds to support the development. However, no incentives or bonds have been distributed for the project, which is located off Shawnee Mission Parkway near Roe Avenue and Johnson Drive. Mayor Flora emphasized that their efforts have focused on protecting the city’s interests and that no incentives have been distributed.

Read More in the Kansas City Business Journal

For more information and updates on the Mission Gateway project, you can continue reading in the Kansas City Business Journal.


The Mission Gateway project in Kansas City has faced significant challenges and delays since its inception nearly 17 years ago. As city officials await the resolution of pending litigation and tax claims, the future of the project remains uncertain. In the meantime, the city has taken steps to protect its interests and ensure that no financial incentives are distributed prematurely. Keep an eye on the Kansas City Business Journal for further updates on this ongoing development story.

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