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Amarillo Realtor Cindy Bulla Files Candidacy for Texas House District 87

Amarillo Realtor Cindy Bulla has announced her candidacy for Texas House District 87, a seat currently held by Four Price. The upcoming election season marks an exciting time for local politics, as candidates file for various positions and share their visions for the future.

Key Points

  • Amarillo Realtor Cindy Bulla is running for Texas House District 87, currently held by Four Price.
  • Cindy Bulla aims to address issues such as border security, property taxes, rural access to healthcare, and water resource solutions.
  • Her candidacy demonstrates the involvement of real estate professionals in local politics and their commitment to community improvement.

Opinions and Insights

As a real estate agent, I find it inspiring to see fellow professionals like Cindy Bulla stepping up and getting involved in local politics. Realtors have a unique perspective on community needs, and their expertise in the housing market can provide valuable insights into addressing various issues that impact the lives of residents.

Cindy Bulla’s candidacy for Texas House District 87 showcases the dedication of real estate professionals to improving their communities and making a difference beyond their day-to-day work. By participating in local politics, realtors can contribute to shaping policies and initiatives that benefit both the real estate market and the community at large.

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For more information on Amarillo Realtor Cindy Bulla’s candidacy for Texas House District 87, visit the ABC 7 Amarillo article to learn about her campaign and the issues she plans to address.

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