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Travis Kelce Launches ‘Travis Kelce’s Kitchen’: A Line of Refrigerated Entrees

  • Kansas City Chiefs’ star Travis Kelce introduces a line of game-changing refrigerated entrees called ‘Travis Kelce’s Kitchen’.

Important Points

Travis Kelce’s Kitchen: A New Venture for the Kansas City Chiefs’ Star

Travis Kelce, one of the greatest tight ends of all time and a staple of the Kansas City Chiefs since 2013, has launched a new line of refrigerated entrees called ‘Travis Kelce’s Kitchen’. This venture showcases Kelce’s love for Kansas City and his passion for good food, aiming to provide convenient and delicious meal options for fans and consumers alike.


As a Kansas City enthusiast, I’m always excited to see local stars like Travis Kelce branching out into new ventures that bring positive attention to our city. The launch of ‘Travis Kelce’s Kitchen’ not only highlights Kelce’s commitment to the Kansas City community but also provides residents with new and exciting meal options to enjoy.

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