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The roughly 17,000-square-foot home near Denver fetched $14.705 million three years after hitting the market.

Summary of Colorado Mansion Sale

  • Originally listed for $37 million, the mansion sold for $14.705 million.
  • The 17,000-square-foot home is located near Denver.
  • It took three years for the property to sell after hitting the market.

Hot Take on the Mansion Sale

It’s not every day that you see a luxury property like this Colorado mansion sell for such a significant discount. The fact that it took three years to sell highlights the challenges that can come with marketing and selling high-end real estate. However, the final sale price of $14.705 million still represents a substantial investment for the buyer and a noteworthy transaction in the world of luxury homes.

Important Points

  • High-end real estate can be challenging to sell, as evidenced by the three-year timeline for this property.
  • Despite the significant discount, the final sale price is still a considerable sum for a luxury home.


When it comes to luxury real estate, patience and persistence are key. The sale of this Colorado mansion demonstrates that even the most extravagant properties may require time and strategic marketing to find the right buyer. As a Realtor with expertise in the industry, Jessica Fulk understands the unique challenges and opportunities that come with buying and selling luxury homes.

Jessica Fulk suggests potential buyers and sellers ask themselves the following questions:

“What factors contribute to the length of time a luxury property may be on the market?”

“How can I ensure my luxury home is marketed effectively to attract the right buyer?”

“What should I consider when purchasing a high-end property, such as this Colorado mansion?”

For more information on buying or selling luxury real estate, visit Jessica Fulk’s website to explore available homes for sale and learn about her services for selling a home. Don’t hesitate to contact Jessica with any questions or to discuss your real estate needs.

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