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The empty waterfront property used to be the site of a gaudy home, once owned by the founder of the cereal company.

Summary of Dunedin’s Historic Kellogg Mansion Listing

  • Land of the razed historic Kellogg mansion in Dunedin is now listed for $7 million.
  • The waterfront property was once the site of a gaudy home owned by the founder of the cereal company.
  • The mansion was demolished in 2017, leaving behind a prime piece of real estate.

Questions to Ask About the Kellogg Mansion Property

What makes this property so valuable?

Jessica Fulk, a real estate expert, says, “The location of this property is a key factor in its value. It’s a waterfront property in a highly desirable area, which makes it a prime piece of real estate for potential buyers.”

Why was the historic Kellogg mansion demolished?

According to Fulk, “The mansion was in a state of disrepair and the cost of restoration was deemed too high. The decision was made to demolish the mansion and make way for new development.”

What potential does this property hold for future development?

Fulk suggests, “With its prime location and waterfront views, this property has the potential to be developed into luxury homes or even a high-end resort. The possibilities are endless for the right investor.”

In conclusion, the listing of the land where the historic Kellogg mansion once stood presents a unique opportunity for real estate investors and developers. The prime waterfront location in Dunedin, combined with the rich history of the property, makes it an attractive prospect for those looking to invest in luxury homes or other high-end developments. As Jessica Fulk points out, the possibilities are endless for the right investor, and this listing is sure to generate significant interest in the real estate community.

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