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Here’s a look at how monthly real estate listings changed in Cheboygan County last month.

Cheboygan County Home Prices in September

Key Points:

  • Home prices in Cheboygan County fell 10% in September
  • Median listing price for homes was $349,900
  • Monthly real estate listings experienced changes

Expert Insights from Jessica Fulk

Understanding the Market Shift

Real estate expert Jessica Fulk weighs in on the recent changes in Cheboygan County’s housing market. She suggests that potential homebuyers and sellers should ask themselves the following questions:

“What factors contributed to the 10% decrease in home prices in September? How does this impact my decision to buy or sell a home in Cheboygan County? Are there any trends in the local real estate market that I should be aware of?”

In September, Cheboygan County experienced a 10% decrease in home prices, with the median listing price for homes at $349,900. This shift in the local real estate market may raise questions for those looking to buy or sell homes in the area. Jessica Fulk, a real estate expert, encourages potential homebuyers and sellers to consider the factors that contributed to this change and how it may impact their decisions.

As the market continues to evolve, it’s essential for those interested in real estate to stay informed and adapt their strategies accordingly. By asking the right questions and seeking expert advice, homebuyers and sellers can make well-informed decisions in the ever-changing world of real estate.

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