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Two world-renowned art collectors in San Francisco have sold a 9,600-square-foot mansion in Presidio Terrace for $14.3 million. It took Pamela Joyner and Alfred Giuffrida 25 days to sell their 114-year-old estate at 18 Presidio Terrace, a privately gated street, Mansion Global reported. The buyer was undisclosed.  The couple bought the seven-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion in […]

Summary of SF Art Collectors’ Presidio Terrace Mansion Sale

  • World-renowned art collectors Pamela Joyner and Alfred Giuffrida sold their 9,600-square-foot mansion for $14.3 million.
  • The mansion is located in the privately gated Presidio Terrace in San Francisco.
  • It took only 25 days for the couple to sell their 114-year-old estate.
  • The buyer remains undisclosed.
  • The mansion features seven bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Expert Insight from Jessica Fulk

What does this sale mean for the real estate market in San Francisco?

Jessica Fulk, a real estate expert, says, “This sale is a testament to the strength of the San Francisco real estate market. It shows that there is still a high demand for luxury homes in the city.

How does this sale compare to other homes for sale in the area?

Fulk explains, “This sale is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum, but it’s not uncommon for homes in this exclusive neighborhood to sell for millions of dollars.”

What should potential buyers consider when looking at luxury homes like this one?

According to Fulk, “Potential buyers should consider the location, the history of the home, and the unique features it offers. In this case, the mansion’s prestigious location and rich history likely contributed to its high selling price.”

In conclusion, the sale of this Presidio Terrace mansion highlights the continued demand for luxury real estate in San Francisco. As Jessica Fulk points out, potential buyers should consider various factors when looking at homes for sale in this market. This sale serves as a reminder that the city’s real estate market remains strong, with luxury properties continuing to attract buyers willing to pay top dollar for prestigious locations and unique features.

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