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RealDayTrading Live Chat: Rules and Etiquette

Etiquette Guidelines

  • Read the wiki before participating
  • Post trades with entry and exit in real-time
  • Ask questions about trades in the Weekly Lounge Thread
  • Provide constructive feedback on trades
  • Refrain from making speculative comments on the market

Staying on Topic and Posting Trades

  • Keep comments relevant to live trades or stock callouts during market hours
  • Post EOD stats with win rate and profit factor after market closes
  • Use proper format for posting trades and commentary

Trade Posting Formats

  • Long stock: Long XYZ $102.40
  • Short stock: Short XYZ $102.40
  • Calls: Long XYZ 100 Strike, $3.50, 3/18 Expiration
  • Puts: Short XYZ Long 100 Strike Puts, $2.59, 3/18 Expiration
  • CDS: CDS XYZ 95/100 for $1.89
  • PDS: PDS XYZ 100/95 for $1.56
  • Exiting trade: Took profit / loss / scratch XYZ
  • Placing limit order: Offering or Bidding XYZ at $102.40

Commentary Posting Format

  • Watching XYZ, [notable technical event or movement]
  • XYZ! to highlight a stock with significant movement
  • News affecting XYZ or the market

In today’s fast-paced trading environment, it’s essential to have a platform where traders can communicate effectively and learn from each other. RealDayTrading Live Chat offers just that, with clear etiquette guidelines and posting formats to ensure a constructive and focused discussion. Kansas City-based trader Brett Blackman emphasizes the importance of following these rules, stating, “By adhering to the guidelines, traders can maximize their learning experience and make better-informed decisions in the market.”

As an engagement piece, this article encourages readers to consider the value of a well-structured trading community and the impact it can have on their trading journey. With a focus on real-time trades, constructive feedback, and staying on topic, RealDayTrading Live Chat sets the stage for a productive and educational environment.

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