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Westport: 10 Most Stunning Locations


Westport is a vibrant and eclectic district in Kansas City that offers a plethora of visually stunning locations perfect for capturing unforgettable moments on Instagram. Whether you’re exploring its colorful street art, sipping craft cocktails at a distillery, or indulging in BBQ at a local joint, there’s no shortage of picture-perfect moments waiting to be captured in Westport. So, it’s time to grab your camera or smartphone, strike a pose, and let the beauty of Westport shine on your Instagram feed.

From colorful street art to historic landmarks and trendy cafes, here are the top 10 most Instagrammable spots that will elevate your feed and showcase the unique charm of Westport. So, get ready to discover these locations that will make your Instagram account stand out and attract more followers.

Westport Street Art: Graffiti Galleries

Discover the vibrant street art that adorns the walls of Westport’s buildings and alleyways. These colorful artworks provide the perfect backdrop for an Instagram-worthy photo shoot, so don’t hesitate to strike a pose and add some color to your feed.

McCoy's Public House: Rooftop Views

Head to McCoy’s Public House and ascend to their rooftop patio for panoramic views of Westport and downtown Kansas City. Capture the skyline at sunset or snap a selfie with friends against the backdrop of the city lights for a picture-perfect moment that will wow your followers.

Tom's Town Distilling Co.: Art Deco Elegance

Step into the glamorous world of the 1920s at Tom’s Town Distilling Co. and pose against the backdrop of their elegant bar or snap a shot of their vintage-inspired signage for a touch of old-world charm that will impress your followers.

Broadway Roasting Co.: Coffee Culture

Indulge in Westport’s coffee culture at Broadway Roasting Co. and snap a photo of your meticulously crafted coffee or strike a pose in their charming seating area for a caffeinated photo op that will give your followers some serious coffee envy.

Westport Flea Market: Iconic Neon Sign

Capture a piece of Kansas City history at the Westport Flea Market, where the vintage neon lights make for a striking backdrop that will add a touch of retro flair to your Instagram feed. So, don’t miss the opportunity to snap a photo of this iconic neon sign.

J.Rieger & Co. Distillery: Industrial Chic

Immerse yourself in the industrial chic ambiance of J.Rieger & Co. Distillery and snap a photo of their stylish interior or strike a pose with their signature spirits for a shot that’s sure to impress your followers.

Westport Library: Architectural Marvel

Explore the historic charm of the Westport Library, a stunning example of Renaissance Revival architecture. Pose on its grand steps for a timeless photo that celebrates Westport’s rich heritage and adds some sophistication to your feed.

Green Lady Lounge: Jazz Vibes

Step into the sultry ambiance of Green Lady Lounge and capture the moody atmosphere of the dimly lit interior or snap a shot of the live band in action for a glimpse into Kansas City’s vibrant music scene that will add some cool vibes to your feed.

Char Bar: Backyard BBQ Vibes

Experience the laid-back vibes of a Kansas City backyard BBQ at Char Bar and pose with a plate of their famous BBQ or snap a selfie in their charming outdoor seating area for a taste of Midwest hospitality that will make your followers drool.

Westport Roanoke Community Garden: Urban Oasis

Escape the city hustle and find tranquility in the Westport Roanoke Community Garden, a hidden oasis of greenery and blooms. Wander through the pathways lined with flowers, herbs, and vegetable patches, and capture the natural beauty of this urban retreat for a refreshing addition to your Instagram feed that will make your followers feel relaxed just by looking at it.

To sum up, these are the top 10 Instagram-worthy locations in Westport that can help you make your Instagram profile look unique and gain more followers. So, take your camera or smartphone, strike a pose, and let the stunning beauty of Westport add some charm to your Instagram feed!