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Mills Farm

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mills farm

Finding Your Perfect Home in Mills Farm


By location, this luxury residential development with all the premium facilities imaginable sits right in the middle of the most gorgeous views and landscape Overland Park has to offer.

The farm estate developments of Mills is a perfect portrayal of wealth and exclusive lifestyles, so the people who want that kind of lavishness with the tranquility of the suburban go for those.

The Neighborhood

The Mills Farm delivers a range of housing choices allowing individuals different lifestyles and modes of living.

The neighborhood offers a very special diversity, from the massive single-family homes to the picturesque little villa, and estates.

There is architectural diversity from standard components to the ones that provide for the next house to be a unique art masterpiece.

One of the main advantages of Mills Farm besides the exciting houses is the type of life that the new residents will get to enjoy due to the pool of facilities and recreation spaces.


Their neighbors have all the fun inside the private resort that features pools, tennis courts and clubhouse amenities, which were built to really give them a good experience and develop a sense of community among everyone.

Besides having kilometers of peaceful and pleasant walking trails running everywhere in the area that provide the opportunity for leisurely walks and a great many other recreational activities, the natural scenery is blessed with quietness.

The aesthetic of Mills Farm reaches out to the realm of the physical elements to give you the city location and facilities you are entitled to possess.

If you are a person who seeks for an escape unlike what is found in heaven and also get near schools, malls and restaurants, the houses are in a perfect situation by the best schools, shopping centers and the most mouthwatering restaurants in the neighborhood.

Lastly, living at Mills Farm estate would be, probably, the peak level of aristocratic living in Overland Park that is conveniently located.

Whether you’re searching for a peaceful retreat from the city chaos or an upscale neighborhood to build your home, this excellent and timeless development easily meets the criteria.