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Industrial Battery Manufacturer Announces U.S. Headquarters in Liberty, Missouri

TAB, a top global maker of industrial, SLI, and lithium-ion batteries, has shared plans to set up its first North American spot in Liberty, Missouri. This smart move will make 50 jobs over the next five years at the new 66,700-square-foot place.

Why Liberty, Missouri?

The pick of Liberty, Missouri as TAB USA‘s first North American spot shows the area’s central spot and strong workforce. Liberty gives a great spot for making and sharing throughout the United States. The company also said the City Council’s work to make a good business place as a big part in their choice.

TAB USA’s Expansion and Future Plans

With a 60-year history of battery making, the start of TAB USA’s U.S. main spot shows its history as a top global energy giver. The new spot in Liberty will grow sharing abilities throughout North America and give access to a skilled local workforce.

In addition to being TAB USA’s main spot, the place will also have industrial battery putting together, sharing, and sales. The new spot is guessed to open in Q2 of 2024.

Missouri’s Growing Battery Manufacturing Industry

TAB USA’s choice to start its U.S. main spot in Missouri makes the state’s spot as a top place for battery makers even stronger. Missouri has a very clear plan to bring in international companies and is great for battery making. The state keeps helping businesses that help Missourians do well and add to the state’s economy.

Real Estate Opportunities Near TAB USA’s New Facility

With the news of TAB USA’s new spot in Liberty, Missouri, there is more interest in buying a home near the area. Some popular areas in Liberty include Liberty Hills, Claywoods, Liberty North, and Shoal Creek Valley.

For those looking to put money in real estate in the Liberty area, the recent growth of the battery making industry gives a special chance. Whether you’re looking for a new home or a rental place, Liberty, Missouri, gives a great place for families and workers alike.

Find Your Dream Home in Liberty, Missouri

As a trusted real estate agent in the Liberty, Missouri area, I can help you find the perfect home in one of the many nice areas near TAB USA’s new spot. With my skill and knowledge of the local market, I will guide you through the process of finding your dream home. Contact me today to get started on your home search!