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Industrial Battery Manufacturer to Open U.S. Headquarters and Assembly Operation in Liberty, Missouri

TAB, a big name in making industrial, SLI, and lithium-ion batteries, is gonna open its first North American place in Liberty, Missouri. This is gonna bring 50 jobs over the next five years at the new 66,700-square-foot place, and help the area grow.

Missouri: A Smart Place for TAB USA’s Expansion

Missouri’s good for business and its location makes it a great choice for TAB USA’s first North American place. The state helps businesses coming to the U.S. market or growing in it. Also, the Kansas City area has a central location and a strong workforce, which helped TAB USA decide.

Liberty: A Top Spot for Making and Sending Stuff

Liberty is known for being a great place for making and sending stuff all over the United States. The City Council wants to make businesses feel welcome, which helped bring TAB USA to the area. The company’s new place will be in the Liberty Heartland Logistics Center, and they plan to start working there in Q2 of 2024.

Facility Operations: Industrial Battery Assembly, Sending, and Sales

Besides being TAB USA’s main place, the Liberty spot will also handle industrial battery assembly, sending, and sales. This new thing is expected to help Liberty and Missouri’s economy, with support from the Missouri Department of Economic Development and other partners.

Missouri: A Top Place for Battery Makers

Missouri is working hard to bring international companies to the state, and it’s becoming a top choice for battery makers like TAB USA. The company’s decision to set up its U.S. main place in Liberty shows that Missouri is a good fit for battery making.

About TAB

TAB is a world leader in making strong, long-lasting, and new batteries for industrial and car stuff. The company makes a bunch of different batteries in places all over the world. TAB’s top-quality batteries are sent to Europe, Asia, and North America.

About Missouri Partnership

Missouri Partnership is a group that works to bring new jobs and money to the state and show off Missouri’s business strengths. Since 2008, they’ve worked with partners all over the state to bring in companies that have made over 33,000 new jobs, more than $1.7 billion in new yearly pay, and over $6.4 billion in new money spent.

Recent Big Wins in Missouri

Some recent big wins that have brought a lot of money to Missouri include Accenture Federal Services LLC, American Foods Group, Casey’s, Chewy, Inc., James Hardie, Meta, Swift Prepared Foods, URBN, USDA, and Veterans United. These companies show that Missouri is a good place for businesses and can help them grow and do well.

Thinking About Moving to Liberty, Missouri?

If you wanna buy a home near this growing industrial area, Liberty has some nice neighborhoods, like Claywoods, Liberty North, and Shoal Creek Valley. These places have great stuff like schools, parks, and fun things to do, making them perfect for families and workers. Real Estate agent Jessica Fulk can help you find the perfect home in Liberty and guide you through buying a home. Don’t wait to contact her for help with your home search in this exciting area.