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Industrial Battery Manufacturer Comes to Liberty, Missouri

TAB, a top international maker of industrial, SLI, and lithium-ion batteries, is opening its first North American facility in Liberty, Missouri. This is a big deal for the company and shows Missouri’s great advantages for growing businesses.

New Facility Brings Jobs and Helps Local Economy

With 50 new jobs over the next five years, TAB’s new 66,700-square-foot facility in Liberty will help the local economy. The company picked the Kansas City area because of its central location and strong workforce. The new facility is set to open in Q2 of 2024, making the region even more of a top industrial hub and a big draw for foreign investment.

Investing in Liberty: A Smart Move for TAB USA

TAB USA’s first North American facility in Liberty, Missouri, shows the company’s commitment to investing in the region and its belief in the area’s potential for growth. The decision to put the facility in Liberty was influenced by the city’s great location for manufacturing and distribution throughout the United States, as well as its welcoming business environment.

TAB USA plans to invest $84 million in its new facility, which will be its U.S. headquarters. The facility’s operations will also include industrial battery assembly, distribution, and sales, providing a range of opportunities for the local workforce.

Buy a Home Near TAB USA’s New Facility

Now is the perfect time to buy a home near TAB USA’s new facility in Liberty, Missouri. With beautiful neighborhoods like Liberty Hills, Claywoods, Liberty North, and Shoal Creek Valley, there are plenty of options for those looking to settle down in the area. With TAB USA coming to town, the region’s economy is set to grow, making it a great place for both homebuyers and investors.

Real Estate Opportunities in Liberty, Missouri

As a real estate agent specializing in the Liberty, Missouri, area, I am committed to helping you find the perfect home in this thriving community. With a range of properties available, from single-family homes to luxury estates, there is something to suit every budget and lifestyle. Whether you are looking to buy a home near TAB USA’s new facility or are considering an investment in the area, I am here to help you navigate the local real estate market and find the perfect property for you.


The arrival of TAB USA’s first North American facility in Liberty, Missouri, is an exciting development for the region, bringing new jobs, investment, and growth to the area. With a range of beautiful neighborhoods and real estate opportunities available, now is the perfect time to consider buying a home near this innovative industrial battery manufacturer. As a real estate agent specializing in the Liberty area, I am here to help you find your dream home and take advantage of this exciting opportunity. Contact me today to discuss your real estate needs and explore the possibilities that Liberty, Missouri, has to offer.