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Whole Harvest Kitchen: A Healthy Dining Experience in Leawood

Hey there, folks in Johnson County! There’s a new healthy eatery in town called Whole Harvest Kitchen. It’s a plant-based restaurant that just opened in Leawood, at 4853 W. 117th St., near the GNC store in Town Center Plaza. This is their first actual restaurant, after starting as a meal delivery service in 2018.

When to Visit and What to Eat

Whole Harvest Kitchen is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday. Their menu has tasty whole food dishes like hummus bowls, Mediterranean salads, jackfruit pizzas, and veggie dumplings. They also have sweet stuff like chocolate fudge cake, dark chocolate truffles, and banana “nice cream.” They’re planning to add more grab-and-go options like wraps and salads soon.

Everything on the menu is plant-based and oil-free, following the Blue Zone diet. They also use local ingredients from Kansas and Missouri, showing their support for local farmers.

The Chef’s Personal Story

Will Harris, the executive chef at Whole Harvest Kitchen, has a personal reason for the restaurant’s plant-based focus. After switching to a mostly plant-based diet, he saw big improvements in his health. His favorite dishes at the restaurant are the sourdough pizzas and mushroom dishes, like the K.C. Barbecue Plate with jackfruit and barbecue mushrooms.

Future Plans for Whole Harvest Kitchen

Whole Harvest Kitchen wants to open more restaurants in Johnson County and across the country. Chef Harris says the goal isn’t to be just a vegan restaurant, but a place that serves great food that happens to be vegan. “We’re not trying to change the way anybody eats. But if you do this once or twice a week, maybe it’s a gateway for you to like to change or get better to get healthier,” he said.

Find a Home Near Whole Harvest Kitchen

If you want to live near the new Whole Harvest Kitchen, check out neighborhoods like Tuscany Reserve, Highlands Ranch, and Lionsgate South. These areas have great schools, fun stuff to do, and a friendly vibe for families and professionals.

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