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Kansas City Streetcar Authority’s Newest Arrival

Hey, did you hear? The Kansas City Streetcar Authority just got their newest streetcar! It’s the first of eight new ones for a project that’s gonna make the line 3.5 miles longer, going south. This means it’ll connect Union Station to the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus. They’re planning to have it up and running by early 2025.

Expanding the Streetcar Line

So, these new streetcars are super important for making the line longer. The company making them, CAF USA Inc., is gonna send the rest of the streetcars to Kansas City every four weeks. The one that just arrived, #807, was shown off on Friday afternoon after it got here from Elmira, New York. Each streetcar can go both ways on the track, is 77 feet long, weighs 78,000 pounds, and can fit up to 150 people at once.

More Expansion Plans

On top of making the line longer to the south, they’re also thinking about extending it by 0.7 miles from the River Market area to Berkley Riverfront. They wanna start working on this project this year and have it done by late 2025 or early 2026. The cost for the southern extension is gonna be around $351 million, and the extra part to Berkley Riverfront should be about $61.1 million.

Buying a Home Near the Extended Streetcar Line

If you’re thinking about getting a house near the longer streetcar line, some great neighborhoods to check out are Sunset Hill, Rockhill, Volker, and the Country Club District. These places have awesome schools, fun stuff to do, and a friendly vibe for families and professionals.

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