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Industrial Battery Manufacturer Sets Up Shop in Liberty, Missouri

Big news for Liberty, Missouri! TAB, a leading international manufacturer of industrial, SLI, and lithium-ion batteries, has chosen Liberty as the location for its first North American facility. This is a huge win for the local economy, as it’s expected to create 50 jobs over the next five years at the new 66,700-square-foot facility.

Why Liberty, Missouri?

So, why did TAB choose Liberty? The company cited the Kansas City region’s central location and strong workforce as major factors in their decision. Plus, Liberty’s prime location for manufacturing and distribution throughout the United States makes it an attractive choice for businesses looking to expand.

If you’re thinking about moving to the area, now might be the perfect time to buy a home near this exciting new development. There are several great neighborhoods to choose from, like Liberty Hills, Claywoods, Liberty North, and Shoal Creek Valley.

What Does This Mean for the Local Economy?

This new facility is expected to have a significant positive impact on the local economy. In addition to the 50 jobs it will create, the facility will also serve as TAB USA’s headquarters, handling industrial battery assembly, distribution, and sales. This is a testament to Missouri’s ability to support businesses and help its residents prosper.

Looking for real estate in the area? With the arrival of TAB USA and the potential for more businesses to follow suit, now is a great time to invest in property in Liberty, Missouri.

About TAB

TAB is a global leader in battery production, creating durable, powerful, and innovative batteries for the industrial and automotive sectors. Their high-quality batteries are distributed throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, and now they’re bringing their expertise to Liberty, Missouri.

Get Ready for TAB USA in Liberty, Missouri

With the new facility set to open in Q2 of 2024, there’s plenty of time to get ready for the arrival of TAB USA in Liberty, Missouri. Whether you’re looking for a job in the industry or considering a move to the area, this is an exciting development that’s sure to have a lasting impact on the local community.