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Newest Streetcar Lands in Kansas City

Hey, did ya hear? Kansas City Streetcar Authority just got the first of eight new streetcars! They’re workin’ on a project to make the line 3.5 miles longer, goin’ south. It’s gonna connect Union Station with the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus. They’re hopin’ to have it up and runnin’ by early 2025.

Streetcar Line Extension Progress

So far, they’ve laid down two-thirds of the tracks needed for this extension. The new streetcars are made by CAF USA Inc., and they’ll be deliverin’ ’em to Kansas City ’bout once every four weeks. The one that just arrived is numbered #807, and it comes after the first six streetcars, numbered 801 to 806. These bad boys are 77 feet long, weigh 78,000 pounds, and can fit up to 150 passengers at once. Plus, they can go both ways on the track.

More Expansion Plans

They ain’t stoppin’ there, though. They’re plannin’ to make the streetcar line 0.7 miles longer, goin’ from the River Market area to Berkley Riverfront. They wanna start workin’ on that this year and finish by the end of 2025 or early 2026. The southern extension’s gonna cost ’bout $351 million, and the extra bit to Berkley Riverfront’s gonna be ’bout $61.1 million.

Find a Home Near the Extended Streetcar Line

If you’re thinkin’ ’bout buyin’ a home near the new streetcar line, check out neighborhoods like Sunset Hill, Rockhill, Volker, and the Country Club District. They got great schools, fun stuff to do, and a friendly vibe for families and professionals.

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