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Keepin’ Parkville’s Charm While Growin’

Parkville, Missouri, is growin’ fast, and it’s now the second-fastest growin’ city in the area. The big challenge for the city is keepin’ that small-town charm while makin’ room for more people. Mayor Dean Katerndahl and the city council are workin’ hard to find the right balance with new houses and better roads and stuff.

Village on the Green: More Houses for Everyone

One way Parkville’s tryin’ to keep its charm is with a new place called Village on the Green. They’re gonna build over 230 townhomes on some empty land, which is great for people buyin’ their first house or older folks lookin’ to downsize. Once they finish up the paperwork, this new spot will help keep Parkville’s charm while givin’ people more places to live.

Fixin’ Up Roads and Makin’ Things Nicer

With more people comin’ to Parkville, the city’s gotta make sure there’s enough roads and nice things for everyone. They’re thinkin’ about raisin’ a local tax to help pay for better roads, sidewalks, and other stuff. Plus, they wanna use some of the money to fix up trails and walkways, so people can enjoy the outdoors.

Some popular neighborhoods around here are Weatherby Lake, Beacon Hill, and Hospital Hill. They’ve got great parks and pretty views for everyone to enjoy.

Makin’ Sure New Stuff Fits In

Parkville’s also workin’ on updatin’ the rules for buildin’ new stuff, so everything looks nice and fits in with the charm. They’re makin’ sure new buildings use the right materials and have nice lookin’ yards. They’re also workin’ on a new plan for the city’s parks and hirin’ a company to help with that.

Keepin’ Parkville Charming While Growin’

As Parkville keeps growin’, the city’s workin’ hard to keep its charm. With new places like Village on the Green, better roads, and updated rules, Parkville can make room for more people while stayin’ a great place to live. If you’re lookin’ to buy a home or sell a home in this charming city, there’s lots of chances to enjoy the best of both worlds: growin’ and keepin’ that small-town charm.