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Findin’ Balance in Parkville: Growth & Small-Town Charm

Parkville’s workin’ hard to grow at the right pace while keepin’ its small-town charm. Mayor Dean Katerndahl says they might finish the final paperwork for the Village on the Green project as early as next month. This project will bring over 230 townhome units to the area, helpin’ to diversify the city’s housing options.

Why Village on the Green Matters

The project was first proposed in September 2021, but it faced some delays and disputes. Now, it’s finally movin’ forward, and Mayor Katerndahl is lookin’ forward to it. He says Parkville needs more housing options for first-time homebuyers and folks lookin’ to downsize. Village on the Green could be the answer to that need.

Emergency Gate Concerns

One last concern is a proposed emergency gate for emergency vehicles in a dead-end of a subdivision just south of Village on the Green. Some homeowners worry it’ll disturb their quiet street, but Mayor Katerndahl says that ain’t gonna happen. The city ain’t involved in this decision – it’s up to the developer and the homeowners association to figure it out.

What’s Next for Parkville?

As Parkville keeps growin’, city leaders are tryin’ to find the right balance between housin’ the growing population and keepin’ the small-town charm that makes people wanna move there in the first place. Mayor Katerndahl asks, “How do we keep this the charming community, the small town that everybody likes?” That’s the question they’re workin’ on answerin’ as they move forward with projects like Village on the Green.

Learn More About Parkville’s Growth

If you’re interested in learnin’ more about Parkville’s growth and how it’s balancin’ that with its small-town charm, check out these resources:

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Remember, keepin’ a community growin’ while maintainin’ its charm ain’t easy, but Parkville’s workin’ hard to make it happen.