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Buy a New Home: Simple Guide

So, you wanna buy a new home? Cool! Let’s break it down into simple steps to make it easy for ya.

Step 1

Know What You Want

Before you start lookin’, figure out what you want in a home. Think about neighborhoods, house types, and must-haves. You might need to be flexible later, but start with a dream list.

Step 2

Check Your Money

Make sure you got your finances in order. Create a budget and have some savings ready for your home-buying adventure.

Step 3

Get Pre-Approved

Call a few mortgage lenders and compare rates, fees, and customer service. Get pre-approved so you have more power when making offers.

Step 4

Find a Real Estate Pro

Do some research and find a real estate agent who knows their stuff. Interview a few and check reviews to find the best one for you.

Step 5

Start House Hunting

Work with your agent to find homes that fit your goals. Visit them in person – pictures can be deceiving! Be patient and learn from each showing.

Step 6

Make an Offer and Negotiate

Found the perfect home? Time to make an offer. Your agent will help you through this process, including any counteroffers and inspections.

Step 7

Secure Your Financing

Almost there! Your lender might need more info about your income, the house, or your credit. Be accurate and quick with your responses to keep things moving.

Step 8

Close the Deal

On average, closing takes 45 days. Do a final walk-through before closing to make sure everything’s good. Then, meet with your lender, agent, and others to finalize paperwork. Once that’s done, congrats – you got a new home!

For more info on buying a home, check out Jessica Fulk’s website and explore different neighborhoods to find your perfect place.