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Step back in time: the world’s oldest homes still standing

Travel back in time with me as we explore the world’s oldest homes that are still standing today. These ancient dwellings have withstood the test of time, offering a fascinating glimpse into the lives of our ancestors. From adobe abodes and cave houses to medieval English manors, let’s embark on a journey through history and discover what the earliest residences look like.

Ancient Adobe Dwellings

Adobe is one of the oldest building materials, made from a mixture of clay, sand, and straw. Adobe houses have been found across the globe, with some of the oldest examples dating back to 9000 BCE. One such example is the Çatalhöyük settlement in Turkey, which is believed to be around 9,000 years old. This ancient city features adobe houses built so close together that residents had to enter through the roof!

Cave Houses

Cave houses are another ancient form of dwelling, carved into the sides of mountains and cliffs. The oldest known cave houses can be found in Cappadocia, Turkey, where people have been living in these unique homes for over 4,000 years. Today, some of these ancient cave houses have been transformed into luxurious hotels that offer a one-of-a-kind experience for modern travelers.

Medieval English Manors

In medieval England, manor houses were the center of life for the local community. These grand homes were typically owned by wealthy landowners and provided shelter, food, and employment for the surrounding population. One of the oldest surviving English manors is Ightham Mote, a 14th-century moated manor house in Kent. This stunning property has been meticulously preserved and is now open to the public as a National Trust site.


As a real estate agent, I find it fascinating to explore the history of the homes we live in today. These ancient dwellings offer valuable insights into the architectural and cultural practices of our ancestors, providing a unique perspective on the evolution of residential living. If you’re interested in learning more about the world’s oldest homes still standing, be sure to check out this gallery of incredible historic residences. And, if you’re in the market for a new home with a rich history, don’t hesitate to contact me for assistance in finding the perfect property for you.