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Shotgun House Returns at $950K: Neighboring Trio Hits Market for $2.05M

The Iconic “Shotgun House” Returns to the Market

The famous “shotgun house” from the hit TV show Fixer Upper has made a comeback in the real estate market, listed at the same staggering price of $950,000. This unique property, which caused a stir in 2017, is now back on the market alongside a neighboring trio of homes for a combined asking price of $2.05 million.

A Piece of Fixer Upper History

The “shotgun house” is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom property located in Waco, Texas, and was featured in Season 3 of the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper. The home’s distinctive design, with rooms arranged in a straight line from front to back, has made it an iconic symbol of the show and a hot topic among real estate enthusiasts. The house was originally listed in 2017 for the jaw-dropping price of $950,000, a significant increase from its initial purchase price of $28,000.

Neighboring Trio Adds to the Package

This time around, the “shotgun house” is being offered alongside a neighboring trio of properties, all of which are available for a combined price of $2.05 million. These homes have been operating as short-term rentals, offering an attractive investment opportunity for potential buyers. The properties’ close proximity to one another and their shared history on Fixer Upper make this package a unique and exciting option for real estate investors and fans of the show alike.

Is the Price Justified?

Despite the home’s fame and unique design, some may question whether the $950,000 price tag is justified. The property is only 1,050 square feet and features just one bedroom and one bathroom. However, its popularity as a short-term rental and its connection to Fixer Upper may be enough to sway buyers who are interested in owning a piece of the show’s history.

Short-Term Rental Potential

The “shotgun house” and its neighboring properties have been successful short-term rentals in the past, with guests paying a premium to stay in homes featured on the popular TV show. This presents an interesting opportunity for potential buyers who may be looking to invest in real estate and generate income through short-term rentals. The combined $2.05 million asking price for the four properties could potentially be offset by the income generated from renting them out to fans of Fixer Upper and other visitors to Waco.

A Unique Opportunity for Fixer Upper Fans

For fans of the show and real estate enthusiasts alike, the “shotgun house” and its neighboring properties offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of Fixer Upper history. The combined $2.05 million asking price may be steep, but the potential income from short-term rentals and the homes’ iconic status may be enough to entice buyers. Whether you’re a fan of the show or simply looking for an interesting investment opportunity, the “shotgun house” and its neighboring trio are definitely worth considering.

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