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Medical CEO Buys $15.5M Oceanfront Home in Golden Beach After Record Sale

A Stunning Oceanfront Golden Beach Home

Dr. Mazin Shikara and Julissa Shikara recently purchased an exquisite oceanfront property in Golden Beach, Florida, for a whopping $15.5 million. This purchase comes six months after they sold their Jupiter estate for a record-breaking $27.5 million. The couple bought the house at 407 Ocean Boulevard from Florida LLC Sweet Gift, managed by Abelardo Monroy. Let’s take a closer look at this luxurious property.

A Home with a Rich History

Built in 1941, the oceanfront Golden Beach house boasts a rich history and an incredible location. With stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, this property is perfect for those who enjoy a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. The home features five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a half-bathroom, and an ocean-facing pool. The property also includes a private beach, providing residents with the ultimate beachfront experience.

Why Golden Beach?

Golden Beach is a highly sought-after location in South Florida, known for its beautiful oceanfront homes and exclusive, gated communities. It’s the perfect place for luxury living, with a plethora of amenities and attractions nearby. With its prime location, residents can easily access the vibrant city life of Miami and Fort Lauderdale while still enjoying the serenity of their oceanfront paradise.

What Does This Purchase Mean for the Shikaras?

The purchase of this stunning Golden Beach home is a significant investment for Dr. Mazin Shikara and Julissa Shikara. It demonstrates their continued success in the real estate market and their appreciation for luxurious properties. This oceanfront home provides them with the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Shikaras’ recent purchase of this luxurious oceanfront property in Golden Beach is a testament to their excellent taste in real estate and their commitment to living the high life. With its rich history, prime location, and stunning views, this home is a dream come true for anyone seeking the ultimate oceanfront experience. As the Shikaras settle into their new home, we can only imagine the memories they will create in this stunning Florida paradise.