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St. Joseph Business Leaders Learn from Kansas City’s Best

Members of the St. Joseph community recently had the opportunity to hear about their city’s future through Kansas City’s economic development. Tim Cowden, from the Kansas City Area of Development Council, provided valuable insights during the annual St. Joseph’s Chamber of Commerce Chairman’s Breakfast.

Preparing for Big Economic Prospects

Tim Cowden discussed how the region, including St. Joseph, should prepare for significant economic prospects ahead, such as Kansas City hosting the World Cup in 2026 and the possibility of the Royals getting a new stadium. He also emphasized the importance of teamwork and how the Kansas City and St. Joseph areas work better together.

“The beauty of St. Joe is that certainly St. Joe can go out and compete on its own,” Cowden said. “Self-contained community, but people and the leadership here are smart enough to know that hey…we can also take advantage of the Kansas City region since we are so close. So really, you get the best of both worlds by being part of the Kansas City region and St. Joe.”

Attracting New Businesses and Business Expansion

Following the presentation, Cowden answered questions from the audience about how St. Joe can continue to attract new businesses and business expansion. This engaging discussion provided valuable insights for community members and business leaders to consider when planning for the future of St. Joseph.

Learn More about the Kansas City Area of Development Council

If you are interested in learning more about the Kansas City Area of Development Council and its impact on the region, visit their official website at

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