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Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors Donates Over $6,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Edwardsville, IL-based Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors (CBBR) recently donated $6,925 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as part of a nationwide effort by the company to support the nonprofit organization. This latest donation brings CBBR’s total contribution to St. Jude to $32,850 over the past four years.

Coldwell Banker’s National Effort for St. Jude

Four years ago, Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors joined Coldwell Banker’s national effort to raise funds for St. Jude. Through the “CB Supports St. Jude” program, agents can make automatic donations for every home sale or purchase. Twelve local agents participated in the effort this year, including Angie Daniels, Carla Owens, Lori Rodriguez, Barb Shelton, Dena Brinkman, Wendi Mielke, Ashley Barud, Shelley Thompson, Wendy Santiago, Sally Hohn, Donna Gayler, and Mary Boente.

Proud of Agents’ Dedication

Coldwell Banker Brown Realtors’ President, Gerry Schuetzenhofer, expressed his pride in the agents’ ongoing support of St. Jude. He stated, “As real estate agents, we know the value of home, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital treats more than 8,500 kids a year from across the United States and around the globe, providing many patient families a home-away-from-home when they need it most.”

National Impact

In 2023 alone, Coldwell Banker raised $569,712 for St. Jude, with a total of $1.6 million donated since the partnership began in 2020. David Marine, CMO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, commented on the partnership, saying, “Our partnership with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital represents the essence of our network’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of those in need. We are immensely proud of our agents’ dedication and the collective impact we continue to make. Together, we are not just providing treatments; we are nurturing hope, embracing families, and shaping a future where every child’s smile outshines the darkest of days.”

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