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Maine Realtor’s Clever Trick for Attracting Clicks

Despite the cooling of the Maine real estate market from its peak in 2020 and 2021, there are still many transactions taking place every month. Maine real estate websites are constantly updated with new listings for homes of all sizes and price ranges. With this constant influx of listings, realtors need to find innovative ways to ensure their properties don’t get lost in the shuffle.

One Topsham-area realtor has found a clever way to generate more clicks for his listings. Tim Dunham recently posted a “fixer-upper” located at 52 Mallett Drive in Topsham. The single-story home offers just over 1,100 square feet of space, featuring three bedrooms, one bathroom, a fireplace, and a single-car garage.

Location and Potential

The property is in a convenient location, just minutes away from the Topsham Fair Mall, various restaurants, and I-95. Listed at a reasonable price of $250,000, the home requires some work before it is move-in ready. Initially, the house needs to be cleaned out, as the previous residents left behind many belongings. Afterward, it could benefit from a deep cleaning, new paint, superficial repairs, and minor renovations. The listing suggests that with some love, the home could easily be worth $400,000 in today’s housing market.

The Clever Trick

So, what did Tim Dunham of Tim Dunham Realty do to encourage people to click on his listing? He simply took a photo of a Porsche parked in front of the house and made sure it was the lead photo on the listing. This trick worked well, attracting the attention of those scrolling through real estate websites searching for unique homes.

While the house itself would make a lovely family home, there is nothing particularly remarkable about it. However, the addition of the expensive sports car in the lead photo entices potential buyers to click on the listing, intrigued by the luxurious vehicle parked out front.

If you are interested in purchasing this property, you can find more pictures and details by visiting the listing on Tim Dunham Realty’s website.

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