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Missouri Realtor Organizations Provide Over $40,000 to Tornado and Flood Victims

In a remarkable display of community support, several Missouri realtor organizations have come together to provide much-needed relief to families affected by the devastating tornados and flooding in August 2023. The collaborative effort involved the National Association of Realtors® Relief Fund, Missouri Realtors®, Northeast Central Association of Realtors®, and Southeast Missouri Realtors®. These organizations successfully raised $40,696, which was distributed among 44 families in Knox, Adair, and Bollinger counties.

Tornado and flood relief efforts

Providing Mortgage or Rental Payment Assistance

Keasha Drury, the 2023 President of Southeast Missouri Realtors®, commented on the heartbreaking devastation caused by the tornado and flooding. As realtors, they understand the importance of having a safe and secure place to live and were honored to provide mortgage or rental payment assistance to those impacted by the disaster.

Residents who were displaced or dealt with severe damage to their primary residence were eligible for grants to assist with one month’s mortgage or temporary rental or hotel expenses. The funds were provided by the National Association of Realtors® Relief Foundation and administered by the Missouri Realtors® Relief Foundation.

Realtors® Relief Foundation: A History of Helping Communities

The Realtors® Relief Foundation was established in 2001 by then-President Richard Mendenhall from Columbia, to respond to disasters like the tornado in Bollinger County. Since its inception, Realtors® have contributed more than $35 million to communities across the country, including those impacted by the Joplin tornadoes in 2011 and the floods in St. Louis in 2022. Andrea Sheridan, the 2023 President of Missouri Realtors®, highlighted the Foundation’s commitment to supporting communities in times of need.

Ensuring People Knew About the Grant Program

Drury noted that realtors across the region connected with their friends, families, and client networks to spread the word about the available funds. The goal was to help ease some of the financial burden created by the terrible disaster.


The combined efforts of Missouri realtor organizations have made a significant impact on the lives of families affected by the August 2023 tornados and flooding. The relief provided by these organizations is a testament to the power of community support and the importance of helping those in need during difficult times. If you are interested in learning more about the Realtors® Relief Foundation or other ways to support communities in need, visit the National Association of Realtors® Relief Fund website.

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