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allow one agent to represent the buyer and another agent from the same brokerage to represent the seller, ensuring that both parties have independent representation.

Increased Disciplinary Powers for RECO

The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) has been granted increased disciplinary powers under the new regulations. These powers include the ability to levy administrative penalties, impose conditions on registrations, and suspend or revoke registrations. This is a significant step towards ensuring that real estate professionals adhere to ethical practices and protect consumers’ interests.

Updated Code of Ethics

The Trust in Real Estate Services Act also introduces an updated code of ethics for real estate professionals. This new code emphasizes the importance of transparency, integrity, and professionalism in the industry. It also provides clear guidance on how agents should handle conflicts of interest, prioritize client needs, and communicate with clients and other professionals.

Impact on the Real Estate Industry

These new regulations will have a significant impact on the real estate industry in Ontario. By introducing stricter requirements for dual representation and increasing disciplinary powers, the government aims to protect consumers and ensure ethical practices among real estate professionals.

For agents, the new regulations will require a more diligent approach to handling dual representation and communication with clients. It is essential for agents to be transparent about their representation status and obtain the necessary consent from their clients. Additionally, agents should familiarize themselves with the updated code of ethics and ensure they adhere to these guidelines.

For consumers, the new regulations offer increased protection and peace of mind when working with real estate professionals. By requiring agents to disclose dual representation and obtain consent, consumers can be more confident that their interests are being represented fairly. Furthermore, the increased disciplinary powers for RECO ensure that agents who do not adhere to ethical practices can be held accountable.


The Trust in Real Estate Services Act is a significant step towards improving consumer protection and promoting ethical practices in the Ontario real estate industry. By introducing new requirements for dual representation, an updated code of ethics, and increased disciplinary powers for RECO, the government aims to ensure a fair and transparent industry for both professionals and consumers.

As a real estate agent, it is crucial to stay informed about these changes and adapt your practices accordingly. By adhering to the new regulations and maintaining a high level of professionalism and integrity, you can continue to provide exceptional service to your clients and contribute to a thriving real estate industry in Ontario.

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