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Eschewing technology, this couple used hand-drawn schematics and physical models to design their dream home in Minneapolis

Architects Embrace Traditional Methods for Designing Dream Home in Minneapolis

Joan Soranno and John Cook, both accomplished architects, decided to take a unique approach when designing their dream home in Minneapolis. Eschewing modern technology, they used hand-drawn schematics and physical models to bring their vision to life. This distinctive method led to the creation of a stunning contemporary home on Lake of the Isles, aptly named the Analog House.

Going Back to the Drawing Board

Instead of relying on computer-generated drawings and digital models, Soranno and Cook opted for a more hands-on, traditional approach. They meticulously drafted their plans by hand, carefully designing every detail of their dream home. The couple also constructed physical models to better visualize and refine their ideas. This dedication to craftsmanship resulted in a home that truly reflects their artistic vision and passion for architecture.

The Analog House: A Masterpiece of Design

The Analog House is a testament to the power of traditional design methods and the skills of its creators. The contemporary home features clean lines, ample natural light, and a strong connection to the surrounding landscape. It seamlessly blends modern amenities with timeless design elements, making it an exceptional example of residential architecture.

Located on the picturesque Lake of the Isles, the property offers stunning views and easy access to the natural beauty of Minneapolis. This tranquil setting, combined with the home’s unique design, makes the Analog House a dream come true for its owners and a source of inspiration for fellow architects and design enthusiasts.

Preserving the Art of Hand-drawn Schematics and Physical Models

While modern technology has revolutionized the way architects design and build structures, there is still immense value in the traditional methods used by Soranno and Cook. Hand-drawn schematics and physical models offer a tangible, hands-on approach to design, allowing architects to connect with their work on a deeper level. This personal touch can lead to more thoughtful, innovative designs that stand the test of time.

As the Analog House demonstrates, embracing traditional methods can result in extraordinary outcomes. Soranno and Cook’s dedication to their craft has created a truly unique home that stands as a testament to the power of traditional design techniques. Their success serves as an inspiration to other architects and designers, reminding them of the potential that lies in the timeless art of hand-drawn schematics and physical models.

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