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Natalie Roy Announces Second Run for Arlington County Board Seat

Local Realtor Natalie Roy has announced her intention to run for the Arlington County Board seat as a Democrat once again. The seat is currently held by fellow Democrat Libby Garvey, who may be seeking her fourth term on the board if she decides to run for re-election.

Natalie Roy
Natalie Roy, a local Realtor who ran for Arlington County Board in 2023, announced Monday that she is running again as a Democrat for the county board seat held by fellow Democrat Libby Garvey. (Natalie Roy campaign/Tom Wilson Photography)

Roy’s Vision for Arlington County Board

In a statement released on Monday, Roy emphasized her belief that the Arlington County Board needs a voice like hers, advocating for increased transparency and responsiveness. She is not alone in her pursuit of the Democratic nomination for county board in 2024, as Julie Farnam, who serves on the board of the Arlington Ridge Civic Association, announced her candidacy on Monday as well.

Democratic Primary and Ranked Choice Voting

In the Democratic primary held earlier this year for two open seats on the county board, the Arlington County Board’s decision to use ranked choice voting may have prevented Roy from winning one of the two nominations. After the primary election, Susan Cunningham and Roy had received the most first choice votes, with Cunningham getting 25 percent, or 6,837 votes, and Roy receiving 24 percent, or 6,592. However, with ranked choice voting, Maureen Coffey and Cunningham both crossed the 33.3-percent vote threshold needed to win in the election before Roy.

Opposing the Missing Middle Housing Plan

Among the six candidates who ran in the Democratic primary earlier this year, Roy and Cunningham were the only two who opposed the Missing Middle Housing plan that was adopted by the Arlington County Board in March. Roy stated during the campaign that the board’s vote in favor of the Missing Middle Housing plan “is the antithesis of smart growth” and that the county board “is pinning its goals on developers to create affordable housing.”

Upcoming Campaign Launch Event

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