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Stay Safe Shopping on Cyber Monday: Tips from the Better Business Bureau

As Cyber Monday approaches, it is essential to know the difference between hot deals and not deals when shopping online. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns online shoppers of the risks of falling prey to misleading advertisements, lookalike websites, and untrustworthy sellers. To avoid giving scammers your money or personal information, follow these tips:

1. Beware of false advertising and phony websites

Deals that seem “too good to be true” probably are. Some fake websites pose as real businesses, so before you buy, check that the business’s name is spelled correctly and there are legitimate contacts and customer service numbers.

2. Shop with trustworthy sellers on secure sites only

Review websites at to determine if they are trustworthy and check the web address to ensure it starts with “HTTPS” and not just “HTTP.” The “S” stands for “Secure,” and websites without the S should not be trusted with financial information.

3. Keep your antivirus software up to date

Proper antivirus software helps keep non-secure websites and pop-up phishing scams away.

4. Price check before you buy

Just because a website says it is offering a steep discount or has the best price doesn’t mean that’s true. Cross-check pricing on other websites to compare before you buy.

5. Take advantage of rewards and loyalty programs

See if your credit card offers any special points deals and make purchases using store loyalty programs to have the best chance at true deals.

6. Use your credit card

Credit card companies offer protections for fraudulent charges, but debit cards do not. Never purchase anything with an online seller using a prepaid debit card or by wiring money. Credit cards are the way to go.

7. Understand return policies

If you’re buying something you’re unsure about, read the fine print before you purchase. Some Cyber Monday offers are on “final sale” or “closeout” items, which means they are not eligible for return or exchange. Be aware of these policies so that you or the recipient of your gift can make necessary returns/exchanges.

8. Watch out for phishing scams

Be wary of unsolicited emails, calls, texts, or letters and ignore or discard them if they are from an unfamiliar party. Even clicking one link could give up personal information to a phishing scam.

9. Look for the BBB Seal

It’s the Sign of a Better Business. Look for websites with the BBB seal to shop with confidence and peace of mind.

If you believe you’ve found an online scam, report it to the BBB ScamTracker.

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