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Sculptural, Organic Housing Development Unveiled in Dubai

A unique and innovative housing development has been revealed in Dubai, designed by architect Tariq Khayyat. The project, known as “The Fold,” consists of 28 terraced townhouses in the prestigious Jumeirah district. Inspired by tulips, Khayyat used glass-reinforced plastic to create twisting, abstract tulip shapes on each facade, providing a visually striking and organic appearance.

The Fold: An Artistic Approach to Housing Design

Khayyat’s vision for the development was to create a tulip field in the Al Wasl Road area of Dubai. The Fold’s design represents a departure from traditional housing structures, with each townhouse showcasing a distinctive, sculptural appearance. The use of glass-reinforced plastic allowed for the creation of fluid and organic shapes, reminiscent of tulips in bloom.

Location and Amenities

The Fold is situated in Dubai’s Jumeirah district, a sought-after location known for its luxury residences, high-end shopping, and world-class dining options. Residents of The Fold will enjoy the benefits of living in one of Dubai’s most exclusive neighborhoods, with easy access to the city’s many attractions and amenities.

Real Estate Market in Dubai

The real estate market in Dubai has experienced significant growth in recent years, with a focus on luxury properties and innovative designs. Developments like The Fold cater to the growing demand for unique, high-quality residences in the city. The introduction of innovative architectural designs and concepts, such as those found in The Fold, is likely to continue attracting investors and buyers to Dubai’s real estate market.

Director Brian De Palma Cuts Price of His Manhattan Apartment

Hollywood director Brian De Palma has reduced the price of his Manhattan apartment by $50,000, bringing the asking price down to $1.9 million. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom residence is located in Greenwich Village, near Washington Square Park, and has been on and off the market for over a year. The building was once part of Washington Mews, a historic cobblestone street lined with carriage houses and private dwellings.

Apartment Features and Building History

De Palma’s apartment offers spacious living areas, modern amenities, and a prime location in the heart of Greenwich Village. The building itself has a rich history, having once been part of Washington Mews, a century-old cobblestone street known for its carriage houses and private residences. This historic connection adds an additional layer of charm and character to the property.

Manhattan Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Manhattan has faced challenges in recent years, with property prices fluctuating and a shift in buyer preferences. However, unique and historic properties like De Palma’s apartment continue to attract interest from buyers looking for distinctive residences in desirable neighborhoods. The recent price reduction may help the property stand out in a competitive market and appeal to a wider range of potential buyers.

Home on Australia’s Gold Coast Featured in “The Bachelor” up for Auction

A luxurious estate in Australia’s Gold Coast, known as “The Bachelor” mansion due to its starring role on the reality show this year, is set to go up for auction on January 24. The property, located in the Broadbeach Waters suburb on Monaco Street, is a double-story, Beverly Hills-style home that last sold in October 2021 for A$14.5 million (US$9.48 million), the highest sale on record in the area.

Property Features and Filming Location

The Bachelor mansion boasts a range of luxury features, including spacious living areas, high-end finishes, and stunning views of the Gold Coast. The property gained fame when it was used as the filming location for the reality show during its move from Sydney to the Gold Coast last year, marking a decade of the show being on air.

Gold Coast Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Australia’s Gold Coast has experienced significant growth in recent years, with demand for luxury properties on the rise. The upcoming auction of The Bachelor mansion is likely to attract interest from both local and international buyers, potentially setting a new record for property sales in the area. The high-profile nature of the property, combined with its luxury features and desirable location, make it a prime investment opportunity for those looking to enter the Gold Coast real estate market.

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