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A New Real Estate Venture in Negril, Jamaica

Media entrepreneur Winthrope “Throp” Wellington, founder of THROP Media and the Throp-X Jamaica Investment Conference, has entered the real estate market through a strategic partnership with Valerie Levy and Associates Realtor Noel Phillips. With tourism being a significant factor in Jamaica’s economy, especially in Westmoreland where 39% of tourism revenue is generated, the duo has initiated an innovative turn-key development called Suites of Negril in the beautiful Negril Hills.

Addressing the Growing Demand for Long-Term Rentals

After the success of the first Throp-X Jamaica Investment Conference last year, Throp recognized the need to cater to the growing demand for long-term rental properties, particularly for families. Drawing on his extensive experience in the hospitality industry from working at his family’s hotel, Travellers Beach Resort, Throp expressed his passion for Negril and its potential during the conference. His partner, experienced realtor Noel Phillips, remarked, “People are always looking for real estate opportunities, and we believe Negril is the next frontier.”

Introducing Suites of Negril

In response to the desire expressed by many to move to Negril, Throp and Realtor Noel Phillips are proud to unveil a five-phase development named Suites of Negril. This dynamic, modern turn-key development aims to offer the perfect blend of luxury and sustainability, featuring a resort-style pool, green garden areas, rainwater harvesting, and a grey water system.

Targeting the diaspora, remote working expats, and repatriates, the project aims to provide accommodations that mirror the standards of the United States, complete with all the modern amenities that discerning individuals seek. This innovative initiative aligns with the evolving needs of individuals seeking a harmonious balance between work and lifestyle, especially in the post-pandemic era.

Documenting the Building Experience in Jamaica

For full transparency, Throp will be documenting the experience of building in Jamaica on his YouTube channel. This documentation aims to provide insight into the entire process, from finding the right partners to the actual construction of the Suites of Negril project. Throp’s goal is to inspire and educate young people, showcasing that they too can buy land and develop it in Jamaica.

Suites of Negril: A Lifestyle Choice and Commitment to Sustainable Living

As Throp envisions, Suites of Negril is not just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle choice, a commitment to sustainable living, and a celebration of the beauty that Negril offers. The development is poised to redefine the real estate landscape in Negril, offering a unique opportunity for individuals to reside in a thriving community that prioritizes both comfort and environmental consciousness.

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